Tuesday 20 June 2017

Tuesday's Blessings

Blessing 1: When life gets tangled but there are people who care enough to check that you're okay and 'untangle your hair from the wool'.

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Tuesday's Blessings

Blessing 1: When you can simply be a heart that hears when others need to talk.
Blessing 2: Realising you are raising a gracious child who has a view of the world that doesn't solely revolve around themselves (I missed an awards assembly today - clean forgot after being at eisteddfods all weekend! The exact same thing happened last year. This year however showed the level of maturity that can develop in twelve months. This time I was the one in tears).
Blessing 3: When you 'meet' amazing people who share amazing posts about even amazing'er illustrators and the way they work. And, you are able to directly put into practice what you learnt!
Blessing 4: Seeing an image in your head emerge on paper - it is still magic to me every time.
Blessing 5: Finding your glasses! (Just ignore the fact that I have already misplaced them *chuckle)

Rain on the green grass
Character mapping completed before the final artwork

Tuesday 6 June 2017

Tuesday's Blessings

Blessing 1: The generosity of kindred spirits.
Blessing 2: How much richer world is when people seek to share love and peace.
Blessing 3: The absoluteness of pure JOY when you least expect it.
Blessing 4: The blessing that is the perfection of timing.
Blessing 5: Jane, who sent me this gift having no idea when she sent it that it would arrive at the perfect moment and elicit the most heartfelt gratitude.

Thank You Jane x x x 

Coco Chocolate Artisan Organic FRECKLES!!!!