Tuesday 29 August 2017

The Theory of Chocolate Freckles and Making Wishes.

If a chocolate freckle has no 'freckles' can it still be a chocolate freckle? Surely this is a question that has plagued great minds through the ages concerning many varied objects, places, and people. The same query arises about wishes.
Nudie Chocolate Freckle
Do you have to wish on a real star for your wish to come true? I wish on most things that happen to take my fancy. A little while ago I ordered a 'gift-to-self' as a reminder that I am working towards the long term goal of becoming a writer and illustrator. I ordered this little gift for the reason it had a star on it, stars are very significant in our family (not the horoscope kind) it's my Mum's name, and I distinctly remember being taught under an inky sky the rhyme 'Star light, Star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may. I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight'.

Owl Pin create by Jess Rackyleft
The wonderfully talented artist and illustrator who created this wondrous tiny owl pin (and who has also illustrated numerous beautiful books) is Jess Racklyeft. This little piece of gorgeous serendipitously arrived in the post on the day that I started 'Scribbles', a writing course with Australian author Jen Storer. It represents so many wishes I have for the future. But more than a wish, it's a reminder that rarely do wishes come true without a lot of hard work and persistence. So I will say 'Damn the critics' and 'Aim for bravery'.

Back to the chocolate freckle. Ultimately it's all chocolate - sweet and nourishing. If a freckle without freckles wants to be a freckle then surely that's okay. Just the same as a writer and illustrator who is yet to be published, can work towards becoming a writer and illustrator that is.

You can learn more about Jess Rackyleft's work and Jen Storer's writing course by following the links in the text above.